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Baby Proof Foam Door Frame Stopper

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About this item
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  • Material: EVA
  • Protects kids from getting their finger pinched in the door
  • Resists door slams
  • Flexible C-shape makes installation easy
Item description from the seller
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Kids are hyperactive beings. You gotta be on your toes all the time to keep them safe from hurting themselves. Your house is full of things that are dangerous for kids.

Kitchen – A no-go area for kids.

Bathroom – Home to poisonous chemicals.

Stairs – Painful fall.

Doors – Powerful and dangerous slams.

But wait! We have an easy solution to this door problem.

Get hold of this foam door stopper and provide a soft cushion between the door and the door frame.

No more noisy slams.

No more kids getting hurt from fingers caught in the door.

What you’ll get:

  • Peace of mind: This foam door stopper gives you peace of mind if you have kids moving around in the house freely. Avoid accidental pinching of fingers between the doors. It is an ideal product to take a step towards a safe, child-proof home environment.

  • Useful gift for new parents: Give this useful and thoughtful door cushion stopper as a gift to new parents and make their lives a little less hectic while raising kids.

  • Easy to install: With this stopper, there is no need for heavy tools, drilling holes, and big screws. Simply adjust it on the side or top of the door between the door frame to make it impossible for the door to close even with extra force.

  • Reduced noise: Don’t you hate it when your sleep is disturbed due to the slamming noise of the door? Of course, you do. Not anymore.  Use this stopper to restrict the loud banging of the door.