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Baby Safety Oven Lock Lid

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About this item
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  • Material: PP
  • Prevent children from turning the gas stove on
  • Transparent color
  • Heat resistant
  • Convenient to use
  • Size: 6 x 4cm (approx.)
  • Easy to install & remove
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Item description from the seller
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Children are always trying to reach countertops in the kitchen.

They want to grasp things placed on heights, and such mischieve behavior can turn into danger when they accidentally switch on the stove button.

 Keep your child away from such scenarios with our Baby Safety Oven Lock Lid.

 Keep your baby's hands away from the oven button with this locking lid, which is simple to use and install.

What you'll get

  • Protection: These oven lock lids cover the oven button and ensure that your child can't open the stove's gas. In this way, these covers prevent gas from leaking and causing unfortunate accidents like gas poisoning or fire.
  • Premium quality: In case your oven gets heated, these button lids will resist hot temperature and won't melt. Even after extended use, their fastening strength does not lose.
  • Match with your oven color: These oven lids come in a transparent color to tone with your oven color – put them on your stove knobs without worrying about color mismatching.
  • Easy installation: It's simple to install these lids on your oven button. Open the stove clasp and pass it from the hole of the lower side of the lid. Now, re-lock the stove's button and get your lid ready to use.

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Listed on 14 February, 2022