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Bandeau Bra

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About this item
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  • Material: Nylon
  • No bra straps hiding trouble
  • Look attractive
  • Soft & breathable fabric
  • Stretchy, anti-loose fabric
  • Equipped with removable cup pads
Item description from the seller
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Do your bra hooks and straps show when you wear a strapless or net dress?

If so, this Bandeau Bra is the solution.

Its strapless and hook-free design enables you to wear it beneath any attire while raising up droopy breasts and making you look attractive.

This bra is also breathable, meaning it will keep you comfortable throughout the year.

What you’ll get:

  • 100% elasticity: This bra is fabricated with stretchable fabric. It makes it easier to hold this bra in place and prevents it from slipping and loosening.
  • Ultra comfortability: Soft and breathable nylon gives a soft touch to your skin to comfortably wear this bra in both winter and summer.
  • Attractive look: This bra lifts and molds your saggy breasts, giving you a more beautiful look.
  • Detachable cups: This bra features removable cups. You can keep wearing it with pads or take them off if you don't want to.
  • Wear any outfit: This bandeau bra is ideal to wear with any dress, including slip dress, net dress, summer outfit, floral dress, mini and flared dress, etc.
Size Suit For Bra Size Weight (kg)
S 70A,70B,70C,70D,70E/DD 35-40
M 75A,75B,75C,75D,75E/DD 40-50
L 80A,80B,80C,80D,80E/DD 50-60
XL 85A,85B,85C,85D,85E/DD 60-65
2XL 90A,90B,90C,90D,90E/DD 65-72
3XL 95A,95B,95C,95D,95E/DD 72-80
4XL 100A,100B,100C,100D,100E/DD 80-86
5XL 105A,105B,105C,105D,105E/DD 86-95
6XL 110A,110B,110C,110D,110E/DD 95-105