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Battery Powered Icecream Cone Night Lamp

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About this item
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  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 14cm x 7cm approx.
  • Night lamp
  • Toy to keep kids busy
  • Excellent gift choice
  • Powered by 3 button batteries (included)
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Item description from the seller
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There are very few things that come close to the level of joy and happiness an ice cream cone brings. Whether you are a kid or an adult, your favorite ice cream is surely a mood booster for you.

With swirls of taste and yumminess wrapped in it, ice cream also contains lots of sugars that are not ideal for your oral hygiene if consumed excessively.

But what if you can have an ice cream cone that:

Won't ever melt.

Won't ever damage your teeth.

Won't ever leave your side table.

Yes, we are talking about this lovely ice cream cone lamp that will be the perfect fit for your kid's room decoration. Let them enjoy their favorite dessert every night by satisfying their sweet tooth with these cute ice cream cone lamps.

These will spruce up the dull corners of any room with cool colors, so get your hands on them without wasting a moment.

What you'll get:

  • High portability: No need to find plugs to switch this cute lamp on. Put batteries inside this, and take it wherever you want. A sleepover at a friend's house won't be complete with your child's favorite lamp. A picnic or a camping adventure, this cone lamp will accompany your kids everywhere.

  • Perfect décor addition: The soft night lamps are an ideal product for your child's night table. Switch it on over the night, and they won’t feel frightened during the night. Add colors to their room and let them be mesmerized by these.

  • Excellent gift choice: Looking for gift ideas for young ones? These ice cream cone lamps will do justice to any event you are supposed to bring gifts for; birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

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Listed on 7 August, 2021