Black Cat On The Moon with Chains. Art stained glass window hanging Suncatcher. Gift for animal lover, pet loss memorial

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Hanging Suncatcher Black Cat On The Moon is made of colored glass in stained glass Tiffany technique .

This is a unique Art handmade decor, a great idea for an anniversary, birthday and Christmas gift for an animal lover. Also, this cute miniature art can decorate your the window and wall in your home and garden outdoor decor, and pet loss memorial.

In the stained glass used white, blue and black  glass , chains, soldered seams have a silvery hue .

The stained glass is suspended on the window with a silicone suction Cup, which is include to the product. 

The size of the stained glass 10 cm . x 7,2 cm . ( 3,94 inches x 2,83 inches ) .

There are options of colors and sizes at the request of the customer. Write me what colors You would like to have in this stained glass.

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