Black Lace Spiderweb Table Runner For Halloween Decoration

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  • Material: Polyester
  • Perfect for Halloween decoration
  • Brings spooky vibes
  • A conversation starter          
  • Excellent gift choice

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In our childhood, everyone feared spiders and the creepy webs that they made in the dark corners. The thought of sticky and dusty spider webs is enough to send chills down to our spines.

What if we tell you that we have spider webs that are not scary and will never ignite the dead fears inside you. Instead, these webs are cute and can eliminate the phobia once and for all.


Rest your mind's horses, and take a good look at this spiderweb table runner.

One who wouldn't dare going near the spider webs before would now come happily to this spider-inspired dining table. Make ideal Halloween décor with this tableware, making a perfect base for all your dishes.

What you'll get:

  • Perfect accessory for Halloween décor: Décors are never complete. No matter how much attention you pay to things and how many props you use, things still don't seem to be 100%. Not with this spiderweb table runner. Spread it on your dining table, and it will fill the gap in decorations that no other item could fill.  

  • Spooky vibes: With spiders and web design on this table runner, you get incredibly spooky vibes which are the core of every Halloween party. Although scary, this table topper is cute and ensures that it welcomes the guest to eat dinner instead of repelling them away.

  • Excellent gift choice: Your quest for Halloween gifts comes to an end with this table cloth. They'll be thanking you for upgrading their home décor in the best possible way.

*Long runner: 72 x 18 inches approx.

*Small runner: 40 inch

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Listed on 13 August, 2021