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Board game from felt for kids

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The first board game for toddlers over 2 years old (to 7 years old). Handmade from felt.

Cute Bunny and Hedgy carry carrots to their grannies. But how many carrots will they bring?

How to play:
1. Make a track.
2. Put 5 carrots in each basket. Put other carrots in the center.
3. Put the animals at the beginning.
4. Throw the cube (it has from 1 to 3 dots)
5. Move the figure forward by this number.
- If you meet a fox, put one carrot from your basket to the center.
- If you come on the field with a carrot, take one carrot from the center.
- If you meet the bear, throw the bear chip. If it's good, he'll treat give you a carrot, and if it's bad, he'll take one of your carrots away.

The winner is the one who brings the most carrots.

What is useful in the game:
- playfully teaches the baby to count,
- teaches the basics of addition and subtraction.
- teaches baby to play by the rules.

The set for 2 players includes:
- 5 tracks,
- two cute characters,
- two baskets,
- cube from felt,
- a good/bad bear chip,
- 18 carrots,
- the rules of the game.

Production time is 3-5 days! Each toy is sewn individually.