Breyer tricolor 3-sltd Halter & Lead Rope set 64 colors - LSQ model horse tack - toy accessory - traditional custom tack

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IU   -Breyer-horse-tack-accessories-lsq-model-halter-and-lead-rope-custom-toy-accessory-peter-stone-horses-artist-resin-traditional-MariePHorses-Marie-P-Horses-
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Enter color numbers (or color name) from the ribbon color chart (2nd pic). Picked colors will be placed randomly in best matching.
Leave the field empty for RANDOM colors (my choice). Thank you!
Example:⠀ 42. Royal Blue, 56. White, 12. Red
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  • CUSTOM COLORS can be entered in the personalization!
  • 64 colors
  • Silver or Gold hardware
  • Realistic 3-slotted halter rings
  • Full adjustable
  • Made by hands with love and care
  • Perfect for collectors and children
  • Free shipping


  • Horse and other accessories are NOT included.
  • You will get only one tricolor 3-slotted halter and one tricolor twisted lead rope.
  • This fits 1:9 traditional scale toy model horse and not real one.


  • Halter and Lead Rope come in one size and fits such models and molds as Breyer True North (Catch Me, Danash’s Northern Tempest Dani, Lionel, Icabad Crane), Silver (Hidalgo), Rejoice, Smarty Jones (Secretariat, Windtalker), Susecion (Arabian Mare, Diadem), Totilas (Adiah HP), Carina (Favory Airiella, Celestine, Julep), Latigo (Ashton, Minstrel, Bollywood Surprise, Checkers), Carrick (Justify, Cortes), Valegro, Emerson (Winx, Rocket), Bristol (Voyeur, Get Rowdy, Queen of Hearts Josie, Peregrine), Hamilton (WGC Marc of Charm, Lafayette), Duende (Dominante XXIX), Vermeer (Seurat, Battlefield Angle HP), Kalahkaari (Marwari, Khalid, Nazruddin, Tassili), Altynai (Adamek, Uffington), Brishen (Gypsy Vanner); Peter Stone Ideal Stock Horse ISH and resin model horse Victrix, Veronka


  • This is not recommended for young children under 5 because contains small parts.
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