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Burgundy, Navy, and Blush Sola Wood Flower Bouquet, Fall Wedding Bouquet, Wooden Bridal Bouquet

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  • Handmade Wooden Flowers
  • Real Preserved Greenery
  • Faux Greenery
Item description from the seller
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This gorgeous, full bouquet contains an amazing mix of preserved and dried greenery to accent beautiful sola wood flowers.  Burgundy peonies are the stars of this bouquet - perfect for any bride.
**Please view each picture in the listing to get an accurate idea of bouquet shape - this bouquet is a roundish shape with greenery that sticks out from the flowers to create a more natural/wild feel.**
Shown in the 10 inch size- message me to see more or to request a custom bouquet.  Please view our FAQs for more information on sola wood flowers.
Due to the use of real greenery,  some variations are possible.   I may substitute a type of greenery if a shortage occurs.   It will be as similar as possible and have the same overall feel.   ♡♡  (The greenery is preserved or dried so it will last a long time <3 )
Due to the nature of this bouquet, the greenery may arrive a little "compacted" from being packed up.  Please unpack your bouquet careful and set it upright in a vase or container for a few days, then gently fluff any pieces that haven't loosened.  And, as always, you can message me if you need extra help or tips on this.  :)
**Sola Flowers**
*Sola flowers are hand-made from a soft wood (similar to balsa) and as such, each is unique!  They feel similar to thick, spongy paper.  You may see some bark spots or natural small holes - these are made by nature and are not pervasive.
*Sola flowers will last virtually forever!  Keep a piece of your wedding (or re-purpose the flowers in new arrangements!)
*The flowers are very lightweight!  Our heaviest bouquets weigh only a few pounds 
*I can match colors to your wedding swatches - this works best if you provide a swatch for me to have in person - but I can do a close match from pictures as well.  Message me to discuss customization!
*To keep your bouquet looking lovely, keep out of direct sunlight and out of high humidity areas.  To clean your bouquet (if it gets dusty!), I use a can of compressed air - this easily removes dusty and debris without hurting the flowers.  :)
**Bouquets are made to order, unless otherwise noted, and are non-refundable**
More information on my process and what to expect can be found in our FAQs.