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Car Fuel Tank Sucker

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About this item
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  • Manual pump
  • 2 PVC transparent hoses
  • Fast pumping
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in inlet valve
Item description from the seller
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Being stuck with your car parked at the side of the road with no fuel is a situation nobody wants to be in.

You certainly cannot tow your car alone to the nearest gas station, so what do you do?

You keep this car fuel tank sucker in your trunk and ask for the passing cars to lend you some fuel, enough to reach the next pump.

Use it to easily transfer petrol from another car to yours in the most efficient way.

What you'll get:

  • Premium quality: The pump starts siphoning liquid almost immediately. The flexible PVC hoses are good quality built that conveniently reach inside of a container to pump water.
  • Suitable for emergencies: The lightweight and portable design of this liquid sucker pump makes it ideal for keeping in your vehicle’s trunk for use in emergencies.
  • Easy to use: This manual pump is highly comfortable to operate. Give a simple pump to the ball pump, and the liquid will start transferring from one container to another. The built-in one-way inlet valve ensures that the liquid doesn't flow in the opposite direction.
  • Wide usage: Not only for petrol, but this pump is suitable for diesel, gasoline, oil, water, and other liquids that need transferring from one container to another.