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Carry Strap – Multifunctional Carrying Belt With Durable Handles Support

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About this item
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  • Material: Nylon
  • Width of the strap: 10 cm approx.
  • Flexible belt extends to 6 feet length
  • Use for holding boxes, furniture, grocery, etc.
  • Reduces pressure on the lower back
  • Helps to lift up to 600 pounds approx.
  • Easy lifting handle
Item description from the seller
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Why do you have to lift the heavy LCD box, pin it to your chest and take it upstairs to your room?

Why do you need to carry the pile of wood in your hands and injure your hands in the process?

When you can have this Carry Strap

A multifunctional extendable belt that simplifies the lifting and carrying tasks for you. Lay it flat on the ground, put the contents on it and then lift it up by holding both the handles – easy!

No more back pains resulting from lifting heavy weights, no more scratching of the hands while carrying sharp objects, no more risk of scraping the walls in the process – it’s unfortunate you came across this great lifting belt so late.

But it’s never late to do the right thing…😊.

What you’ll get:

  • Carry objects without hurting your back: Holding big boxes and weighted objects while keeping your arms at 90 degrees is not a good practice. The moment arm is small so your back feels a lot of weight. Opt for this multifunctional carrying belt with durable handles support. It allows you to carry boxes with straight arms so that the moment arm is long and your elbows and shoulders have to do less work, thus reducing the force on your back. Make lifting easier now. 
  • Multiple uses: Use it for carrying wood, cardboard boxes, furniture, grocery bags, rocks, cement bags, mattresses and more. The easy-to-grip handles will provide extended convenience during the lifting process, making the movements faster and smoother.
  • No collisions with the walls and floor tiles: Another benefit of this belt is that it eliminates the risk of scraping your walls and tiles because the load stays stable. It won’t wobble here and there to scrape the walls while carrying objects upstairs. Lift up to 600 pounds with it.