Color-changing LED RGB Floor Lamp With Wireless Control

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  • Made of aluminum
  • Height: 140 cm approx.
  • 7 color LEDs to generate different modes
  • Adjustable brightness options
  • Static and rhythmic lighting modes
  • Outstanding modern home décor accessory
  • Perfect for bedroom, living room & guest room
  • Controlled via wireless remote (range: 30m)
  • Creates a whimsical atmosphere

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Could there be a lighting fixture that you can control according to your mood?

It’s scientifically proven that light and colors affect you in different ways – it refreshes your mood, boosts your productivity, provides calmness, or makes you anxious.

Now, don’t you want to change the ambiance as per your temper?

This magical LED RGB Floor Lamp is the modern way to do it. It may look like a normal LED corner lamp at first but wait until it shines with all its glory. With the ability to change colors, modes and brightness, you can realistically create the ambiance you need anytime.

It’s lean, it’s minimalist, it’s stylish, it’s versatile.

Dim the lighting to create a nice romantic atmosphere on a Saturday night or amp up the colors and illumination to fit the holiday festivity; this LED corner lamp will brighten up your mood and soothe your soul any time you want.

And the next best thing, it can be controlled with a wireless remote. How pleasantly cool is that!

What you’ll get:

  • Change lighting according to your mood: Feeling elated? Turn the rhythmic effect. Want to soothe your mind? Switch the illumination to static blue. There’s an effect for every mood and atmosphere. You can change the brightness and add speed functions as well.

  • Need-of-the-time lighting fixture: This minimalist RGB corner lamp could well be the only home décor lighting fixture you need for your room. It’s perfect for setting up the ambiance for a birthday party in your living room, a romantic night in your bedroom or a movie night in your lounge. You can also use it for creative video shooting.

  • Control the lamp from a distance: No need to stand up from your bed or couch to change the lighting modes of the LED corner light. Thanks to the wireless remote control support, you can switch the modes comfortably.

* Power cord length: 250 cm approx.

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Listed on 8 January, 2022