Colorful Hanging Halloween Witch Hat Lights

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  • Spooky lighted hats
  • Works with built-in battery
  • Best for Halloween costume
  • Or as Halloween décor accessory
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

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Decorations are never complete when Halloween is around the corner. You spend the most time on the internet figuring out the most unique and spooky ways of decorating your house.

If you were unable to find anything special, let us bring some good news your way.

Take a look at these LED witch hats which provide a funky twist between lanterns and string lights and are perfect décor accessories for outdoor or indoor.

Dazzle your neighbors with these floating witch hats hanging with your front yard trees. These hats are creatively unique for attracting kids to your doorway to ask for trick or treat. 

After all, Halloween is all about that. Isn't it?

What you'll get:

  • A spooky décor: Halloween is all about exhibiting spooky vibes all around, and these hanging witch hat lights are the best thing for that. Hang them in your lawn, in the corridor of your house, or on the patio.

  • Perfect witch costume accessory:  A witch ain't a real witch without her long and pointed hat. Make your daughter dress up like a witch and add charm to her dress by making her wear this colorful witch hat. She'll be able to win any costume party competition with these illuminating lights on her head.

  • Outdoor & indoor suitable: These light-up witch hats are not just meant to be confined within the walls or outside but can be used for both environments. Spruce up your garden decors for an outdoor party or light up your living room for an indoor game night. The choice is yours, but these hats won't disappoint you anywhere you want them to be.

*One order contains one hat only.

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Listed on 13 August, 2021