Compressed Organizer Bags Bundle

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Compressed Organizer Bags Bundle
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  • Efficient space saving storage bags
  • The vacuum hand pump helps to deflate air from bags
  • Reduces the volume up to 70%
  • Perfect for packing bulky items
  • Bag Dimensions: 15x20 Inches (40x50 CM) and 20x28 Inches (50x70 CM)

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Before every traveling trip or moving to another house, packing your luggage feels like an Everest that no ordinary man can climb. You struggle fitting all essentials in the bags and are often left with no choice but to leave important things behind. 

All such unfavorable scenarios were a thing of the past. 

Now, with this compressed organizer bags bundle, you can stop struggling to stuff and cram clothes into your closet, dresser or luggage once and for all! 

These amazing space saver vacuum bags help you to organize and pack more efficiently, while saving you valuable space in your closet. Now, you can go on more shopping sprees without worrying about where you're gonna put it all once you get it home!

What you’ll get:

  • Reduced luggage size: Packing your clothes in these compression bags for storage is the perfect solution for downgrading your checked bags to carry-on, as it’s pump is  capable of reducing the size of soft goods by up to 70 percent! The pump removes the air, while effectively compressing the items placed inside.

  • Convenient storage bags: When you're not traveling abroad, these compressed organizer bags and pump are a dream come true when it comes to long term storage. Simply pack away all those bulky winter coats or last summer's beachwear with minimal hassle and maximum convenience!

  • Multiple uses: These compression storage bags are great for use at home, while traveling, or moving, etc. and comes with an easy to use hand pump

  • Easy to use: It's easy to use! Just open the bag, load the items you want to store, close the bag, vacuum it up. Easy to clean and reusable.

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