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Bra Strap Holder white

Convenient Non-Slip Adjustable Bra Strap Holder

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About this item
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  • Say goodbye to slipping straps - Keeps your bra straps in place and avoid the embarrassment of "falling straps"
  • Create a sleek look - Transform any bra into a racerback style and keep straps hidden under tank tops
  • Get a boost - Provides extra lift for a fuller looking silhouette
  • Wear any outfit - With a bra strap holder, you can wear any outfit without worrying about visible straps
  • Freedom to wear - Keeps your bra straps hidden and maintains a sleek look with any outfit, from tank tops to backless dresses
  • Perfectly sized - At 1cm in width and 19.5cm in length, it is perfectly sized to provide support and lift
Item description from the seller
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Have you ever been in a situation where your bra straps kept sliding down your shoulders, ruining your perfect outfit?

Being constantly concerned about your straps or feeling embarrassed about their appearance can be frustrating.

That’s where the  Non-Slip Adjustable Bra Strap Holder comes in - the ultimate solution to keep your bra straps in place and avoid the embarrassment of "falling straps"!

With the Non-Slip Adjustable Bra Strap Holder, you can transform any bra into a racerback style, keeping your straps hidden under tank tops and creating a sleek look.

Plus, they are easy to use and adjustable to fit any size.

Cost-effective solution
You can transform any of your existing bras into racerback styles, eliminating the need to buy new bras every time you want to wear a backless or racerback dress. 

Discreet and versatile
It's a versatile solution that works with any bra style, making it ideal for daily wear or special occasions.

Comfortable and secure
The soft polyester material keeps your straps in place without causing any discomfort or irritation. Furthermore, the clips on the holder will keep your straps in place all day, preventing them from slipping or sliding.

How to use it?
Simply hook the bra strap holder clips to each band on the back of the bra and adjust accordingly.