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Creative Meatball Model

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About this item
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  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 18 x 23.7 x 4.5 cm approx..
  • Uniform meatball shape
  • Simple, safe, and clean to use
  • Make 4 balls in one go
Item description from the seller
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Don’t you love eating meatballs with sauce over spaghetti? Of course, you do.

But being unable to make the perfect sized and shaped meatballs rarely makes you enjoy this dish.

Make meatballs with spaghetti a permanent dish in your weekly menu by bringing this creative meatball model to your kitchen.

It enables you to make round meatballs with or without your favorite fillings inside.

What you’ll get:

  • Round uniform meatballs: Even if you are unable to make perfectly round meatballs after a lot of practice, this model has got you covered. The spherical shape is ideal for making any stuffing in a circular shape.
  • Quick-cooking: To produce spherical balls, you don't need to keep your hands and fingers moving against each other. This creative meatball model makes 4 balls in one go, thus speeding up the process.
  • Fun family activity: You can involve your kids in making their favorite mashed potato balls and make cooking a fun activity for the family to bond over. It is completely safe for the kids to use.  
  • Clean hands: No need to get your hands dirty. Use a spoon to fill up the mold with whatever you wish to make balls out of, then close the semi-spheres together to form one perfectly round ball.