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Crochet Fisher's Lovebird

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Crochet Fisher's Lovebird

This product is out of stock, but available for order. The production time is usually 2-3 days.

The order package includes a jute stand.

You can also contact me to place a custom order.

This parrot will give a good mood, joy, and love to your home!

This crochet lovebird can be a good gift to the bird lover gift or good home decor. It can become a talisman for you or your children.

It can sit in your arms or on the computer and watch your work.



 Yarn: mercerized cotton

Eyes: plastic

Filling: holofiber.

 Lovebird height: 6,3 inches (16 cm)

Stand height: 3,5 inches (9 cm)


Please note that buyers are responsible for any customs duties and import taxes that may apply in their country. I am not responsible for delays caused by customs.

If you have any questions, write to me [email protected]

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