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  • - All of the dolls open (except for some of the smallest in the set) and fold into each other, like a traditional matryoshka.
    - All dolls are packed in tissue paper and a linen or cotton bag.
    - Each doll is unique and can become a family heirloom.

    SIZES by default:

    Set of 1 to 5 Nesting dolls - 18 cm tall
    Set of 6 dolls - 21 cm
    Set of 7 dolls - 25 cm
    Set of 8 dolls - 28 cm
    Set of 9 dolls - 30 cm
    Here are the most popular doll sets by size. If you need another size or quantity of dolls in the set, write me in private messages.

    Keep nesting dolls away from direct sunlight. Do not wash or wet them to avoid deforming the wood. Wipe the dolls with a soft, dry cloth.

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