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Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
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Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
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Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
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Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
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Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
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Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
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Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
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Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves

Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves

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About this item
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  • Material: High-quality HPPE 
  • EN388 Level 5 cut resistant gloves
  • Can withstand sharpest blades
  • Offer a firm grip to hold all utensils
  • Comfortable to wear; skin-friendly built
  • Keeps hand from cuts, burns, & other wounds
  • Washable; made by following ideal sanitation standards
  • Measure your palm before order for perfect fit gloves
Item description from the seller
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We've all done it, right? All you wanted was some sliced tomato with your sandwich or lots of finely chopped vegetables for that yum Chinese recipe.

But all of a sudden, you had to stop your preparation because you did what all the noob cooks do, decorate their fingers with a pretty, nasty, and painful cut!

Avoid those not-so-appreciated trips to emergencies and be the master of cutting without suffering any injuries.

Keep your hands protected from cuts and abrasions caused by knives, glass, sharp metals and even wood carving and whittling, with these Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves

Made with an interlocking, food-grade fiber mesh, these kitchen protective gloves offer consistent protection from cuts in a variety of work conditions. These cut resistant cooking gloves are ideal for use in the kitchen while food prepping and processing. Dice and chop vegetables and fruits with a mandolin or knife, shuck oysters, fillet fish, grate cheese and tackle general yard work, without fear of injury.

What you’ll get:

  • Reduce the chances of cuts: Our kitchen cut resistant gloves are made of food-safe, anti-cut spandex, polyethylene, and fiberglass blend. The level 5 cut resistance material can save your fingers from sharp blade knives or chopping tools. 

  • Safe cooking experience: Avoid turning your fun cooking time into an unexpected disaster. No matter if you use these for cutting vegetables, chopping meat, seafood, spam, or anything. These cut proof gloves will make sure you cut only the food and not your fingers. Way to cut like an expert chef! :p

  • High comfort and protection: Comfortable to wear and extremely flexible and durable, the thick fiber material protects your hands from cuts, while maintaining breathability and soft-textile dexterity, making it easy to handle small objects or perform tasks that require a firm grip.

  • Multipurpose: Use the cut resistant cut gloves to manage work outside the kitchen that involves sharp blades. Utilize our cutting gloves to pluck the fresh veggies out in the yard or take them along on your camping or road trips.

  • Easy to wash: Clean up is easy, as these gloves are machine washable for ideal sanitation standards.

* Cooking gloves for cutting are not intended to protect against puncture wounds!