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Cute Avocado Keychain Plush

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About this item
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  • Material: Fur
  • Avocado shaped plush keychain
  • Cute and fluffy built
  • Comes with a hook to hang
  • Excellent gift choice for avocado lovers
Item description from the seller
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Does the usual stainless steel keychain resonate with your cute and winsome personality? Nooo!

Are you searching for something that is not just a keychain but encapsulates a whole vibe in it?

If yes, then get your hands on this adorable avocado keychain plush.

It’s exceptionally soft to touch and hold in your hand. Your car keys will be safe and easy to spot, all thanks to this cute car keychain.

What you’ll get:

  • Cute design: You must have seen a lot of keychains for car keys, but only a few would be close to this avocado plush keychain in terms of cuteness and fluffiness. The beady eyes, round brown tummy, and tiny legs all together give this key chain a unique appearance.

  • No repulsion: The soft body of this cute car keychain is not at all repulsive. Unlike stainless steel keychains that get cold in winter and you resist holding them for long, this avocado plush keychain is soft to hold. You won’t ever want to put the keychain down.

  • Easy keeping: The keychain is equipped with an easy to open and close hook to hang the keychain with your jeans. It will ensure that your keys don’t drop and get lost.

  • Multiple uses: It is not just a car keychain but can be perfectly attached with your school bag zippers to give them a lovely color.