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Cute Resin Corgi Planter Flower Pot.png
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Cute Resin Corgi Planter Flower Pot

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About this item
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  • Material: Resin
  • Adorable Corgi planter box
  • Drainage hole at the bottom
  • Ideal room dcor
  • Perfect gift choice for loved ones
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Corgis are undeniably the cutest breed of pet dogs. While it is a complete responsibility to pet one of them, you can still grace your house with their presence even if you are mostly busy with work or don't want anyone dependent on you.


Take a look at this adorable corgi planter. This corgi's big smile and sticking tongue is unignorable and will brighten up your dull day like nothing else.

Use it to place succulents and other indoor plants on your work desk and have a fresh green vibe around you at all times.

What you’ll get:

  • Mini flower pot decor: This corgi succulent planter is an ideal décor accessory for your home. Place it by the window, on your work desk or on the center table of the living room. The choice is yours, as these corgi pots are beautiful enough to catch every eye.

  • Ideal gift choice: If you are looking for a housewarming, farewell,  birthday or Christmas gift idea for your near and dear ones, this corgi planter box is the ideal choice. Share happiness with your loved ones by surprising them with this cute puppy that will add charm to their place.

  • Bring greenery indoors: Green color is the most soothing one for your eyes, and keeping indoor plants is the best way of introducing this color around you. This corgi flower pot is best to keep succulents and mini indoor plants in it and bless your eyes every second with their greenery.

*Package includes only the planter pot

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Listed on 8 January, 2022