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Cute Snail Tea Bag Holders

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About this item
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  • Made of Silicone rubber
  • Adorably clutches the edge of your cup & mug
  • Pack includes 10 different colored cute tea bag holders
  • Conversation starters
  • Steeps your tea/coffee while you work
Item description from the seller
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Did you ever think that you could use a snail to enhance the zest and aroma of your treasured cup of morning or evening tea?

Imagine taking a sip of a steaming, deeply steeped tea 🤔.

It starts the journey by pleasantly caressing your taste buds with its richness and calming your thumping heartbeat. It stays in your mouth for a moment with its glitz of creaminess before cascading down your throat, wetting the internal neck lining with it’s herbal potency and satisfying fragrance on the way.

Isn’t this exactly ‘the sip’ you dream of during your hectic work routines? Don’t you wish every cup of tea you ever consume is filled with this richness and taste?

You can get that – it’s as easy as bringing these cute silicone snail shaped tea bag holders and steeping your tea with them. Use the slowness of the snails to your advantage and let them grant your cup of tea the punch you so direly need.

They come in a set of 10 cute, different-colored figures that will elegantly grasp the edge of your tea or coffee cup, making it irresistible to pour down your throat.

What you’ll get:

  • Enhanced coffee drinking experience: What fun is there to drink tea, coffee or iced tea in the same old, uni-colored mug. Spruce up your beverage drinking experience and enhance your productivity at work and home. Bring excitement to your tea/coffee and get the maximum benefit they can offer. These adorable red, green, yellow, blue and pink snails will steep the true essence of the tea leaves in your beverage.

  • Decorative conversation starter: You seldom drink your tea alone. Either there is a colleague with you at work or your kids/husband/sister at home as your partner. Be ready for a fun conversation when they see these silicone snail tea bag holders gripping at your cup.

  • Prevents the drowning tea bag’s string: Did you know that keeping the teabag suspended in the tea rather than dropping it at the base enhances the steeping process. These reusable holders ensure that your tea bags diffuse maximum punch in your coffee without the string drowning in the cup.