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Digital Measuring Spoon Scale

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About this item
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  • Maintain a well-balanced daily diet plan for optimal health.
  • Precisely measure from 1-500g using this spoon.
  • Experience seamless data lock for stable readings, ensuring accurate measurements.
  • Effortlessly power on/off with a simple press of the ON/OFF button in a horizontal position.
  • Enjoy the convenience of the Lock Function, holding and displaying static weighing values for easy reading.
  • Easily switch between weighing units (g, oz, c, gn) with the press of the MODE button.
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Item description from the seller
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Using regular spoons to measure ingredients isn’t right, especially if you are on a diet.

They won't let you measure the components accurately, which makes it hard to figure out how many calories something has.

You may consider it a light matter, but it results terribly in the long term.

So here is this digital measuring spoon scale to turn the table around.

This spoon helps you measure the ingredients correctly so that you get the right number of calories and can stick to your diet plan.

What you’ll get:

Indulge in a well-rounded and wholesome diet to promote optimal health and well-being with this measuring spoon scale. Its smooth data-locking system guarantees stability for accurate readings, making meal-prepping and baking tasks a breeze.

With the straightforward horizontal "ON/OFF" button, the device can be powered on and off effortlessly.

Also, it features a practical Tare Function to calculate the exact net content of your ingredients and subtract container weight, providing precise measurements for your cooking or baking needs.

The scale's "MODE" button allows you to switch between weighing units effortlessly, whether you're measuring grams, ounces, carats, or grains.

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Listed on 6 April, 2023