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Digital Sensing Non-Contact Electroscope

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About this item
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  • Detects the voltage in wires without touching them
  • Sounds a beep and gives red light on detection
  • Auto shut off after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Measurement voltage: 90V – 1000V AC
  • Built-in flashlight provides convenience in dark
  • Pen holder design
  • Works on 2 AAA dry cell battery
Item description from the seller
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While working on electrical maintenance tasks in your home, you usually come across situations when you have to see if the wires have voltage in them or not.

Or else…

You get a shock! In the US alone, there are 30,000 shock incidents yearly, according to NCBI. Avoid this with our Digital Sensing Non-contact Electroscope. It gives off a beep with red light when it detects electric fields. The stronger the electric field, the faster the beep.

And the second good thing about it? It has a built-in flash that allows you to work in darkness too. Use it for sockets, wires and conductors and live a safe, shock-free life.

What you’ll get:

  • Perfect for domestic usage: The range of the electroscope is 90 – 1000V AC which means it can detect the voltage of almost every wire present inside the house or office. The working temperature is -10 to 50oC.
  • No-hassle operation: It gives a green light when no electric field is detected and a red light with a beep when an electric field is detected.
  • Power-saving option: Upon 5 minutes of inactivity, the digital electroscope turns off automatically.
  • Work in darkness too: There is a built-in flashlight in the device which can be turned on by pressing the white button twice and turned off by pressing it thrice. Use it to find faults in your circuits in case of a blackout or voltage fluctuations.
  • Carry anywhere: Thanks to the pen holder design of the electroscope, you can carry it in your pocket or stick it with your working diary, pocket’s edge or shirt’s neckline.

* Insert the batteries (not included) and press the button. Green LED lights up, indicating the device is ready to use.

Press it again to turn on the LED.

Press it again to turn off the LED.

Press for 2 seconds, it reads DD and turns off.