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Disposable antifungal socks, protective impregnated with nail fungus, bowling skates rollers 15 pieces

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A useful gift to someone you really care about. The fungus won't have a chance! Socks with active impregnation from nail fungus, do not look like disposable. The protection is valid for up to 12 hours. A special impregnation creates a protective barrier for your feet from aggressive fungus. Relevant for any age. Clean Feet protective socks have a universal size - they are disposable socks for children and adults. Disposable footprints fit perfectly to the foot. Saving money on nail fungus treatment. Disposable antifungal socks are socks for fitting shoes, bowling socks, roller socks, skate socks, socks for visiting medical procedures in sanatoriums. Protection from fungal infection is necessary in children's play areas, children's centers - fungal spores from other visitors remain on your and children's socks, ordinary socks do not protect against fungus. Use a barrier - a preventive remedy for nail and foot fungus. There are 15 pairs in the set, each packed individually.
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