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Division game inspired Cosplay prop agent wristwatch 3dprinted led

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  • Led light
Item description from the seller
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New version with a modified central part is also available for ordering. Now you can choose between the old model with a dashed line in the center or with a solid ring or new version 3 with more datails . See photos.
If you need the "Rogue ver." with red light, please write in the comments to the order "Red color / rogue ver"

We have been working on improving the watch for a long time, we listened to the opinions of our customers, and are pleased to announce that we were able to increase the brightness of the watch using new electronic components! All new watches will be manufactured with a new brighter module! You can see new photos now.

ONLY FOR COSPLAY 3d Printed Wristwatch inspired game: Tom Clancy Division

ONE WATCH IN THE ORDER and with strap

VERSION WITH STRAP! Dear customer, I warn you of possible delays in production, as we are dependent on the supply of straps, if they are not in stock, the production time may be increased. Please clarify the information if you need the watch urgently. We can also create watches without straps!

This watch is printed using a 3D printer. And have the backlight. We can also make any other color for the order, you can contact us personally. Since the watch is made using printing, the surface has a characteristic print texture, we carried out mechanical and chemical processing, however, as you know, it is rather difficult to bring the surface to a perfectly smooth state. We compensate for this with a low price. If you want to get a unique product, we will also be ready to make them manually, however you should understand that it will take a lot of time and the price will be much higher, for this you can contact us personally.

!!!our watch model has a comfortable side at the bottom so that it is convenient to remove the case back!!!

All watchs now with on/off switch. Batteries type: CR2025 (not included)

To remove the cover, you may need a thin screwdriver or awl, if you use a cutting tool to remove the cover, be careful not to damage the surface. You may also have a problem with the removal of the battery, I use tweezers to remove the battery. To simplify the removal of the battery, we recommend not to stick it in all the way.

Materials: PLA, PET, wires, acrylic paints,resin straps.
Size: diameter of main part ~4cm (this watch measures like an ordinary watch)

Last two photos provided by our first customer, you can see our watches

This is not a licensed product and is considered fan art for cosplay and entertainment purposes only. The shop does not claim ownership over the image of the item.
General Information

- Our products are made to order

- We accept orders for the production of any unique cosplay props at the request of the customer, we are also ready to work on original images.

- Most of our parts are made by hand, or using high-quality 3D printing, we also use molded plastics and resins in matrices, for some orders we combine these or other methods, all in order to achieve the best result.
- Our products are processed and assembled by hand, and will have unique features. Therefore, the final products may have slight differences, which is why we use a hand-painted method, this makes each item truly unique!
- Lead times for each individual order may vary significantly depending on the current volume of orders and the time required for delivery to your country or region. If you want to receive the goods by a certain date (birthday, holiday or other event), we recommend that you contact us before placing an order to clarify the actual dates!

Delivery information

- We ship worldwide by airmail. The standard method takes usually 20-30 days (usually). The postal operator does not provide guaranteed delivery times. Actual dates may vary depending on distance, carrier, weather, and other conditions). Unforeseen conditions. We are not responsible for non-compliance with the terms of delivery of the company by the carrier. If you need express shipping, please let us know immediately, we can send the package by DHL or DPD or other services for an additional fee.

- If the package is lost on the territory of the Russian Federation and is not found within 3 months (the period specified in the regulations of the Russian Post), within the specified 3 months we will send you a replacement at no additional charge.

- In case of loss of the parcel outside the territory of the Russian Federation (after leaving the customs), our workshop is not responsible, replacement or return is not provided. To find your package, you need to apply for an international search at your country's post office.

- If your order arrives damaged, we are not responsible for the poor quality of the delivery service. Please contact us. We will try our best to solve your problem.

Additional Information

• The customer is responsible for paying for shipping costs, as well as any other additional costs and fees. If the props have free shipping, then we use standard shipping (usually), if you need more information, please contact us.

• After delivery, you will receive a tracking number for your package, which will allow you to control the delivery process.

• The customer is responsible for shipping costs and any other additional charges and fees. In the declaration, we indicate a lower order value than the real one, so that you avoid unnecessary payments. If you would like us to provide other information on the declaration, please let us know.

• Our workshop is not responsible if the parcel is detained or arrested at customs. Make sure your country has no import bans on parts made from our materials. For this reason, we do not ship lithium batteries and batteries, they are prohibited for transportation.

• Please understand that you must supervise the arrival of the item at the pickup point. In the case of a return of a package marked "unclaimed", no refund is made and for re-sending, you must pay the shipping cost again. Parcels are stored on average for 2-4 weeks at your postal operator before they are returned to the sender.

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We are always available here, so please feel free to ask any questions. You can also find us on social networks.
or email: [email protected]