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Dragon Race - Board game from felt for kids

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Item description from the seller
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Dragon race is a universal board game for kids. Colorful characters will appeal to children. Interesting rules will captivate them for a long time. All the details are sewn from felt. They are washable. The game will be favourite for years!

There are 5 variants of the game. All of them are described in the rules. The play set includes:
1. Game field.
2. Five dragon figures (they are chip in the game).
3. White and black sheeps.
4. Islands for the game field.
5. Tokens in the cotton bag.
6. Dice.

Basic rules

The goal of the game is to collect sheep. The winner will be the one with the most sheep. Sheep are put on the field in any order on rocks and islands, etc. A player can pick up only one sheep from one island.

The move consists of two steps:
1. The player moves the chip by as many cells as will fall on the dice.
2. The player takes a token from the bag and performs what he got.

- Red circle - skips the next move.
- Green circle - goes again.
- Shield - protection against skipping a move. The player keeps it and can use it only once if he gets a red circle. The used token is removed from the game.
- Leaf - a player can pick up any sheep from the field when he collects three leaves. Used leaves are removed from the game.
- Sheep - a player can take any sheep from the field.
- Wolf - the player must return one sheep to the field (to any island).
- Black circle - the player must leave all the sheep and start all over again (you can soften it - just return the chip to the beginning of the field).

Used tokens are removed from the game. Tokens are returned back to the pouch only if all have been used and the pouch is empty.

There are 4 more variants of games in Dragon race!

The game is sewn from felt. Handmade. No glue is used.  

Production time is 10-14 days.