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DreamStalker Expert ST - electronic device for lucid dreaming (electronic sleep mask for lucid dream)

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The modern gadget "DreamStalker Expert" is designed for an easy transition into lucid dreaming, for conducting unusual experiments in lucid sleep, for various practices of self-development and self-improvement, for getting rid of many phobias (fears), for getting rid of nightmares, for recording positive psychological attitudes (affirmations) into the consciousness of a sleeping person with his own voice during the time of the most active phase of the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) dream.

The device (electronic sleep mask) for lucid dreaming "DreamStalker Expert" is available in different versions, differing in the presence of the functions "Mind-machine" and "Transcranial stimulation".

The device "DreamStalker Expert ST" with "Transcranial Stimulation" functions.

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Lucid dreaming is a special state of consciousness in which a person understands that he is dreaming and can control the content of his dream. When you go into a lucid dream, it becomes real to see any places, people you are interested in, to overcome your fears (phobias). In a lucid dream, you can do something completely unique that a person is not capable of in ordinary life. For example, you can fly like a bird over a city, or walk along the edge of a tall building to get rid of the fear of heights. In a conscious dream, you can do almost anything that comes to your mind. Lucid dreams can be used to solve your psychological and physical problems. For example, to improve physical and mental health, improve relationships with others, get rid of fears, or in order to comprehend the meaning of ancient teachings and works of modern scientists. Or you can just for fun entertainment, embodying everything that your unrestrained imagination will be capable of. Renowned Scientist (Stanford University Sleep Research Center) Stephen Laberge believes that everyone can enter into a lucid dream. Stephen LaBerge is a psychophysiologist, a leader in the study of lucid dreams, which he defines as a special, altered state of human consciousness in which a sleeping person is fully aware that he is dreaming and can control the course of its flow.

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