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Easy Install Adhesive Shelf Support Pegs (10 Pieces)

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About this item
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  • Adhesive installation
  • Package includes:10 Pieces
  • Useful to install shelves
  • Strong load-bearing capacity
Item description from the seller
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Does your shopping never stops, and you are left with no space in your wardrobe to keep new clothes?

You don’t have to give away your old clothes so that the new ones could fit in the cupboard.

Instead, get these easy install adhesive shelf support pegs and make a brand new shelf in the wardrobe.

Install these pegs on the left and right walls of the cupboards and place a wooden plank over them, which will be your new shelf.

What you’ll get:

  • Strong load-bearing: These shelf support pegs are ideal for making shelves on them as these can bear a large load. The weight of your clothes and wardrobe essentials won’t cause the pegs to fall down.
  • Easy installation: These easy install adhesive shelf support pegs require no drilling or nailing to be installed. Their base is self-adhesive, so simply place it on a clean surface where you want it to be installed.
  • Multi-use: Not just for wardrobe shelves but these can efficiently be used anywhere you want to make a shelf for storing indoor plants, water cans, shoes, or anything else.