Elastic Football Leg Sleeves

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  • Made of polyester
  • Elastic bands on both sides to prevent slipping
  • Compression bands; improves blood circulation
  • Protects from scratches
  • Provides even pressure to the legs
  • Length: 38 cm approx.
  • Great for running, hiking, other sports    
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You never see the socks of professional football, soccer, volleyball or tennis players slide or roll down. But why is that?

It’s because they have money! They can get premium socks from top brands that provide comfort, beauty and effect all at the same time.

You, however, don’t have that much money. Right? So, what do you do.?

Get on with your sliding, loose socks? No.

Spend time rolling them up while your teammate passes you the ball? Nahh.

You get these polyester football leg sleeves. They wouldn’t cost you anything but will get you out of that ‘rolling-up-the-socks’ embarrassing suffering.

You can wear them over your crew-length or knee-length socks or above your ankle-length socks. Feel like a professional footballer – cross, dribble, pass, mark and score like an eagle with these sleeves!

What you’ll get:

  • Protection from scratches: Made of polyester and approximately 38 cm in length, these sleeves provide full calf coverage and protects you from scratches and turf burns while playing football and other sports. Sharp studs of your opponents, pointy grass blades, small stones or gravel lying in the ground – you will be protected from all.

  • No sliding down: Thanks to the double elastic bands, these leg sleeves for football don't roll down no matter how fast you run. They don’t slide down, slip, or become loose because of their compression fit and elastic bands on both sides. Ideal for keeping your shin pads in place too.

  • Provides even pressure to your legs: These sleeves are tight but comfortable, providing equal pressure to both of your legs. This ensures even and improved blood circulation to the legs which prevent chances of lactic acid build-up and cramps.

 Prevents chafing: The soft polyester material prohibits any chances of chafing which means no burns, skin irritation and rashes. Great for hiking, running, and other sports too.