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Fast Charging 4 Port Car Charger Adapter

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About this item
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  • 4 mode LED light display
  • Quick and fast-charging
  • Car adapter with wide compatibility
  • Charges 4 smart devices at one time
  • Safe, protective, and stable connection
  • Supports voltage input: 12V-32V
  • Voltage Output: 5V/7A
Item description from the seller
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Are you someone who’s always on the go?

Does your phone’s long-lasting battery fail to handle all the working time of maps and music apps during those long commutes?

Does your child’s tablet fail to entertain them with movies, games, and funny videos on road trips?

Yes? Absolutely!

We have combined ease, convenience, power, and fast charging all in one in our 4 port car charger adapter.

It’s one of the favorite car gadgets of all travelers!

And, with its multi-protection smart chip, quick charging ability, smart LED display, stable device connection, and wide compatibility with multiple phones, we can totally see why.

What you’ll get:

  • Fast charging: Having a portable car charger that takes hours for even half charging all of your devices can be frustrating while traveling. However, this annoying experience can turn into a stress-free journey as this best USB adapter provides you with quick charging.

  • 1 charger for multiple devices: With this 4-port USB car charger, you don’t have to look for a separate charger for your smartphones and tablets. It is compatible with Samsung, iPhone, tabs, etc.

  • Portable charger for long or short commutes: It can easily be connected to any vehicle to charge your family’s smart devices. This best car charger is lightweight and perfect for any ride.

  • High safety & stable connection: It comes with a smart chip that balances voltage, giving a stable connection to avoid harming your device. The charger has 2.0, 3.0, sleep-and-charge and ecological ports denoted by white, blue, orange and green colors