Fast Sling Puck Game Board

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Fast Sling Puck Game Board
Fast Sling Puck Game Board
Fast Sling Puck Game Board
Fast Sling Puck Game Board
Fast Sling Puck Game Board
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  • Made of lightweight yet strong wooden material
  • Comes with marked lines, won't be dimmed
  • Color available as per picture
  • Board Size: 36cm x 21.5cm
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Games are great entertainment, but those are the best that help your kids to learn fine motor skills and hand + eye coordination. So here is the Fast Sling Shot Puck Game. It has a puck board, some rubber slings to strike the pucks and let them pass through the tiny hole in the middle. You get a complete set in this Sling Game package with ten pucks, one puck board, and vulcanized rubber attached to the board. Besides, as it is the latest version, so this time, you get a lightweight game. 

What you will get:

  • 1 board: Made of wood.
  • 10 pucks: Made of plastic. 
  • Fun: This game is fun for everyone in the home. 
  • Good coordination: You will learn coordination and your motor skills will enhance. They are great for birthday parties, game nights and homecoming celebrations.


  • It is a two-player game.
  • Each player will have 5 pucks.
  • Both players will launch the pucks using the elastic string and try to get them into the opponent's field via the central opening.
  • Whoever clears their field first, wins.