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πŸ’Ÿ This is a fun and interesting game that will help your kids learn colors, numbers, counting up to five, add and subtract easily and quickly.

πŸ’Ÿ Game options:
1. Learning colors. We attach fruits, vegetables and flowers to jars by color.
2. We study numbers and  counting. Attach a number on a clothespin to the jar and ask your child to attach a certain number of vegetables or fruits to the jar.
4. Lotto. Each player takes a jar. Put all fruits and vegetables in a bag. Now, in turn, without looking, we take out one product at a time. If the product fits, you attach it. If the product does not fit, you return it to the bag. The first person to fill their jar wins.
5. Fruits and vegetables are perfect for playing in a store or cafe.

THIS PDF template includes:
βœ… Step by step photo tutorial.
βœ… List of materials and consumables.
βœ… Life-size patterns are simply printed out.
βœ… SVG files for plotter

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