Flexible Multi-Colored Neon Wire LED Lights

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  • Wire diameter: 2.3 mm approx.
  • 360 degree of lighting
  • Flexible & Waterproof
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Power source: AA batteries
  • Wire length: 5 meter
  • Spruce up your dull and gloomy house corners

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A skilled and talented gamer like you shouldn't be playing in a monotonous environment. It will reduce your morale and prevent you from feeling the excitement and adrenaline that you need to win the game.

Don't you desire the warm and inviting lighting that your online gaming buddies have in their homes?

You do, of course.

These neon wire lights will not only quench your craving for gaming vibes but will also help you transform your drab room into a vibrant and inviting one.

With these LED neon lights, you can give your bed, chair, gaming station, drapes, ceiling, and other items a whole new look.

What you'll get:

  • Cool decoration: Gone are the days when your room decor was dull and uninteresting. The neon lights will go with any theme you have in mind for your room's decor. These will only serve to enhance the perspective and make it more visually appealing.

  • Multiple uses: The possibilities for these neon glowing wires are limited only by your imagination. And, just as your mind's creativity should be infinite, these neon lights have no limitations in terms of what they can be used for. Wrap them around everyday items such as the cabinet, mirror, shoebox, and even your room's ceiling to create a distinctive look. Show your DIY skills through these multicolored neon strip wires. 

  • Easy to use: These flexible neon wires can be mended into any shape you want. With a double AA battery charger as a power source, these can be attached anywhere and with anything you want. No need to be close to the electric socket.

  • For indoor and outdoor use: The waterproof build of neon wires makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor decorations. Light up your garden, patio and swimming pool area with these.

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Listed on 6 July, 2021