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Flexible Silicone Bottle Brush Cleaner

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About this item
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  • Material: PP, Silicone
  • Soft, flexible bristles
  • Use for glasses, vessels, feeders, nipples, etc
  • Accesses narrow spaces
  • Bendable handle
  • Hanging hole
Item description from the seller
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Imagine this:

You have just started working at the prestigious company of your dreams. Extremely content with your performance in the first two months, your boss invited you for dinner at a restaurant to discuss the future potential.

You tried seizing this opportunity fully and invited him for dinner at your apartment so that he also gets impressed with your masterly cooking skills.

A delectable dinner of steak and béarnaise sauce was prepared, the aroma was appetizing, the presentation was spot on, but one thing got wrong!

“Could you get me another glass?” Your boss remarked and you eyed at the dreaded oil specks on the presented glass. Such an embarrassment!

But you can avoid it with this silicone cleaning brush. It gets off marks, stains, and particles from the glasses like dry cleaning gets off dirt from the clothes.

Bendable, effective and long. Make your working relations strong:) 

What you’ll get:

  • Effective cleaning: Thanks to the 4 comb-like silicone bristle patterns, it cleans every little bit of your bottles, feeders, nipples, bottles, flasks, mugs, infusers and breast pump parts (the stains should be fresh). The flexible ends reach where your hands can’t (bottom), thus cleaning the vessels in a much better way. It also doesn’t scratch the glass surfaces.

  • Long-lasting operation: Unlike hair bottle brushes that deteriorate after some time, this one will stay with you for a long time. No strands will come loose and you can wash all your vessels with peace of mind.

  • Long handle for higher effect: The rubber bottle brush has a long, bendable handle that allows you to clean bottles and glasses of all lengths. The bendable PP handle also minimizes the chances of fracture.