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Floppy Fish Cat Toy For Your Cat

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About this item
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  • Material: Sponge
  • Floppy fish toy
  • Touch sensor interactive
  • Power cable included with dancing type toy
  • Soft and plush to chew
Item description from the seller
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Do you keep your camera at arm's length all the time so you can capture every sweet little thing your cat does? If you answered yes, you might seem overly-obsessed to some people, but it is worth it.

This moving floppy fish cat toy is sure to keep you on your toes since you will be recording every bit of your kitty's joyful time with it.

Obesity is harmful to humans, and the same hazard exists for cats. Give your cat this toy to keep her physically active. She'll never get tired of playing with it.

It's a great chewing and kicking interactive toy because of its soft and fluffy material. It will reduce her tension and calm your pet's emotions. 

Make yourself her favorite hooman by giving this amusing toy that she will adore right away.


What you'll get:


  • Interactive floppy fish for cats: There is a touch sensor in the toy that keeps it moving and ensures that the cat interacts with it physically. This floppy fish cat toy is a pleasant and engaging gadget to play with.

  • Keeps the cat healthy: A cat who is sedentary and spends the entire day lying around is unhealthy and obese. Your kitty will remain physically active and healthy with this floppy toy.

  • Improved pleasure for your cat:  Relax your fur baby's mood by letting her play with this dancing flopping fish cat toy. It is something new and unique from the ordinary fetch the ball game.  

  • Easy charging: The flippity fish cat toy may be charged using a power bank, charging adaptor, or the USB port on your laptop. The charging port is hidden inside a zipper pocket so it can be hidden from the cat to prevent damage while she is playing.

  • Convenient to wash: Long hours of playtime with the cat will make this toy dirty and unsanitary for the cat. But don't be concerned. It is easy to wash and dry because our cat fish toy is made of soft plush fabric.