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Fly and mosquito trap - indoor fly and mosquito trap -

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  • Made with high-quality mesh and frame, this fly trap tackles flies for seasons, saving you money and reducing waste.
  • Attract flies with bait (not included) and keep them trapped, eliminating the need for harmful sprays or swatters.
  • Efficient design lures and traps flies, keeping your space pest-free.
  • Works indoors and outdoors, ideal for homes, patios, gardens, farms, and ranches.
  • Simply add bait, hang it up, and empty as needed. Cleaning is a breeze!
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Enjoy your outdoor space or keep your home free of flies with our effective and reusable fly trap net. This eco-friendly solution traps flies without using harmful chemicals or attracting unwanted pests to your living areas.

Here's what makes it great:

  • Reusable: Made from durable weather-resistant materials, this trap can be used for years to come. Simply empty and rebait as needed.
  • Safe and Eco-friendly: Attract flies with bait (not included) and trap them inside the net, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals or fly swatters.
  • Effective: Highly efficient design traps flies and keeps them contained.
  • Versatile: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, including homes, patios, gardens, farms, and ranches.

How to Use:

  1. Add Bait: Place attractive bait (such as rotting fruit, fish scraps, or fly attractant) inside the trap.
  2. Hang it Up: Find a location with good airflow, out of direct sunlight in hot weather. For best results, hang it about 20 cm off the ground.
  3. Empty and Repeat: As flies get trapped, empty the trap and replace the bait as needed.
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Listed on 22 April, 2024