Folding Invisible Aluminium Mobile Stand

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  • Material: Aluminum
  • Sticks to your mobile phones
  • Provides adjustable viewing angles
  • Universal folding phone holder
  • Leaves no mark when detached
  • Use mobile without holding in hand
  • Size: 5.5 x 1.5 cm approx.

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Phone holders for your work tables and coffee tables are great. We get that!

But here’s the problem with them – they can be misplaced.

And do you forget carrying them with you on trips? Yes. Here’s a solution to your ‘one hand needed’ mobile usage problem – the invisible folding phone holder. Made of aluminum alloy, it will allow you to see all your favorite movies and TV shows without needing to hold the phone in one hand.

No more oil specks or fingerprints on your smartphone’s screen.

No more balancing your mobile phones on the kitchen counters with containers and cups.

Live a convenient, hassle-free life now. Cheers.

What you’ll get:

  •  No need to hold the phone in one hand: Escape the hassle of holding your mobile phone in one hand and eating from the other hand. Now you can savor your food fully with both hands, thanks to this invisible aluminum mobile stand. It also saves you from slouching over your smartphone to get the correct viewing angle.

  • Offers multiple viewing angles: The folding holder bracket design allows you to enjoy multiple viewing angles. Simply adjust the holder by opening or closing its legs and set it to your desired angle.

  • No need to carry it: The other big benefit of this folding phone holder is that it will be installed on the backside of your phone so you can take it anywhere. Attach it horizontally or vertically by tearing off the bottom glue cover and sticking it on the back of the phone. You can remove it any time you want as well; there will be no marks left behind.

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Listed on 1 January, 2022