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Food Vacuum Heat Sealer

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About this item
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  • Material: High-Quality ABS
  • Keep food fresh for longer
  • Anti-bacteria & moisture-proof
  • No food wastage
  • Sealing strip length: 28cm
Item description from the seller
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Want to keep your food fresh and bacteria-free for long?

Your standard plastic containers won't be of any help.

You need to seal the food items in vacuum bags just like the butcher at the meat stall in your grocery store keeps minced beef stored.

But how do you manage air sealing the food? Use this food vacuum heat sealer to keep the contents fresh and healthy.

It is ideal to store leftovers or pack marinated meat in a sealed bag.

What you'll get:

  • Food freshness: When you keep the food sealed in the freezer, it stays protected from the direct refrigerator waves that cause veggies and fruits to rot and burn. So, your food sustains its quality and stays fresh for long use. 
  • Moisture & mold proof: This vacuum sealer removes all the air from the food bag and tightly fastens it to avoid air entering into it. It keeps the food dry and bacteria-free to last a long time.
  • Convenient storage: With two magnets at the bottom of the sealer, you can easily stick it on metal or steel surfaces. Hang it on fridge or cabinet doors to easily access whenever needed.
  • How to use: Open the side clips of the sealer. Now, place the food bag under it, secure the side clips and press the green button. Turn off this sealer with the red button once you see that the air has been sucked out of the bag. Your sealed food pack is ready to store now.    

 Package includes: 15 pcs bags as well