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Foot cream leech extract 200 ml ( 6.76 oz) venous insufficiency varicose veins natural ingredients

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  • Dosage and administration Distribute the cream evenly along the vein from the bottom up for 2-3 minutes 2-3 times a day Course 5 weeks
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FEET CREAM WITH LEECH EXTRACT - the beauty and health of your feet.
Bioactive foot cream is a natural effective remedy that has earned the trust of millions of women.
The effectiveness of the cream has been confirmed by clinical trials and many years of practice in Russia and abroad.
Appearance and properties: The consistency is moderately thick, the color is from white to cream, the smell is moderately pronounced.
Active Ingredients:
- Extract of a medicinal leech - a unique natural remedy for the treatment of varicose veins of the legs. Her salivary glands contain about 100 biologically active substances that have an intense therapeutic effect on blood vessels, improve blood composition, and have analgesic and healing effects. Medicinal leech enzymes reduce blood clotting, strengthen and restore the inner surface of the affected veins, reduce painful manifestations, eliminate vascular and muscle spasm, promote the formation of new capillaries, which improves blood microcirculation and unloads the venous system.
- Extracts of medicinal plants and natural oils provide a capillary-strengthening and venotonic effect, neutralize the action of free radicals that destroy the vascular wall, increase the level of antioxidant protection.
- Liposomal-emulsion complex provides fast and deep penetration of active substances, without reducing their effectiveness, through the skin deep into the tissues.
Result: improves the aesthetic appearance of the legs, reduces capillary fragility
For the prevention of venous insufficiency and varicose veins of the legs.