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Galaxy 360 Pro Projector

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About this item
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  • The Galaxy Comes to Life - With 10 color modes and 3 brightness levels, you can enjoy a stunning view of the stars and the galaxy from the comfort of your home.
  • Listen to Your Favorite Songs - Play your favorite songs, adjust the volume, and switch between songs using the built-in speaker.
  • Perfect for Any Occasion - You can use this projector for any occasion, whether it's a romantic night or a fun party with friends.
  • Easy to Use - Simply plug in the USB cable and turn on the projector. You can even set the auto on/off timing feature for convenience.
  • Great Home Decor - Visually stunning and musically captivating, it is a great addition to any room.
Item description from the seller
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Do you dream of gazing at the stars with your special someone but not like braving the cold or the bugs outside? With the Galaxy 360 Pro Projector, you can have a romantic, starry night any time you want, no matter the weather or location.

This incredible projector is packed with features that will immerse you in a breathtaking panorama of colors and lights. With ten different color modes and three brightness levels to choose from, you can customize your viewing experience to fit any mood.

So why wait to explore the galaxy and create unforgettable memories? Get your Galaxy 360 Pro Projector today and enjoy a starry night in your home.

Date Night Made Easy: 
With the Galaxy 360 Pro Projector, you can create a romantic and magical date night right in the comfort of your own home. No need to plan an elaborate outing or travel far away, just turn on the projector and let the stars do the rest.

Great for Parties: 
Planning a party or hosting an event? The Galaxy 360 Pro Projector is the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your space. Choose your favorite color and set the mood for your gathering.

USB-powered Interface: 
This projector works with a USB system. Simply attach the cable to it and change your view of your surroundings.

Remote Control System: 
A remote is included in the package. Use the remote to adjust the brightness level, change color and turn on and off the music.

Package Includes: 1* Music Star Projector, 1* Remote Control, 1* USB Cable, 1* User Manual

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