Giant Halloween Spider Decoration

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Giant Halloween Spider Decoration
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  • Black hairy spider with red eyes
  • Made of wool and wire
  • Bendable legs
  • Place at different spots on Halloween to scare people

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It is time to get your friends to jump with fear on this Halloween! This plush, black giant spider decoration is all you need to do that. With its red eyes and hairy body, it can make anyone’s blood run cold.

What you will get:

  • Realistic hairy body: Made of black wool and wire, the body of the spider is hairy and imitates the appearance of a real spider. The legs are stretched out and the body is lifted from behind.
  • Red eyes: With its red eyes, it can instill fear at any spot—a perfect Halloween piece.
  • Bendable legs: You can bend the legs of the giant spider decoration in any way you want. Place it over the door, on the couch or under the table in the position you deem the best.
  • A centerpiece for Halloween: What good is Halloween if it does not scare all of your friends and family? This item will do that for sure.
  • Available in: 29.5 inches
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Listed on 24 October, 2020