Glide 360 Degree Baseboard Cleaner Mop

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Glide 360 Degree Baseboard Cleaner Mop
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  • Microfiber cleaning attachment
  • Flexible microfiber conforms to any shape
  • 360-degree rotatable handle for easy maneuvering
  • Extend handle to as long as 53 inches
  • Use as wet or dry

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Tired of cleaning the baseboards while sitting and holding your back from one hand? This cleaning tool will let you do the chore with comfort now. Not only meant for baseboards and ceiling edges but for furniture base as well, this 360-degree Baseboard Mop will simplify the cleaning job and save you precious time.

What you"ll get:

  • Flexible microfiber: The microfiber attachment at the end of the cleaner can conform to any shape and angle of the baseboard. It measures 4.3x3.1in which means it can handle all widths of baseboards.
  • Use it wet or dry: Either rub it over the surface in a dry state or wet it with water (mixed with soap if you like) and clean before parties and gatherings to get brand-new looking baseboards.
  • Swivelable handle: The 360-degree movable handle can clean baseboard from every angle, be it smooth, edged or chamfered.
  • Clean with no pains: The baseboard cleaner mop allows you to clean the surfaces while standing. This prevents back pains and sore muscles.
  • Adjustable handle: Elongate the handle to 53 inches to even clean the ceilings. A must-have cleaning tool for your home.
  • Wash easily: Wash the microfiber attachment after you are done with the cleaning process or in between, depending on how dirty the surfaces are.
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