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Gold Bee Ring

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About this item
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  • Material: Copper
  • Fits ring size 5-11
  • Symbolizes loyalty, persistence, harmony
  • Covered with shiny crystals
Item description from the seller
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We love bees for the rich honey they make, but is that the only reason to convince you to buy this gold bee ring?

No, it isn’t. There are several others.

Bee jewelry symbolizes loyalty.

It promotes focus.

And reflects perseverance.

So if you want to practice all these virtues in your life, you have to buy this ring.

What you’ll get:

        Powerful symbolism: This bee ring symbolizes the top characteristics of the bees. They are extremely loyal to their hives, work intently to find a way through a flower to attain the honey and never lose hope.

        Attractive & glistening stones: The bee ring features shiny crystals inside the wings of the bee. The head of the bee consists of a large white crystal while the rest of the body is a multi-faceted yellow stone. The shank looks like a gold rope. As a whole, it will look extremely elegant on your finger.

        Healing benefits: Copper is believed to have healing characteristics. It controls your senses, keeps you away from negative emotions and spiritually awakens your mind.