Halloween home decor . Primitive dolls mother and creepy cute child are handmade . Rag doll , Zombie doll . Fabric doll .

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  •  Halloween doll . Primitive dolls mother and creepy cute child are handmade . Actually this doll looks haunted, though she is just creepy and terrifying. The doll does not have any dark story in her background, she’s quite young and fresh, it’s not a vintage item. I make these dolls to add some creepy touch to your home, or Halloween decor or for your new story of a haunted doll. Hand painted face acrylic paints, tinted tea and coffee . Natural scent of tea and coffee is possible, though very delicate and disappears in a while. Body is made of calico and is filled with hypo-allergenic polyester fiberfill.
    This doll is between 7-10 inches(18-25 cm) in height and is approximately 4 inches(10cm) wide . baby 4 inches(10cm) tall
    NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN! they have buttons and small parts that could easily be eaten. They are intended for decoration only. They will NOT stand up to rough play, they cannot be machine washed.

    NOTE: if you choose a doll I have previously made, there may be slight changes to yours as I may not have the exact same buttons, ribbon, etc... I will try to get as close to the original as I can :D

    * If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks for stopping by my store!