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Handheld Bidets Set

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About this item
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  • Water jet spray bidet set
  • Uniform water flow
  • Leakproof water pipe
  • Comfortable & easy use
  • Cleans your body, pet, clothes & bathroom
  • Drill free clamping installation
Item description from the seller
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Personal cleanliness hygiene is crucial, and toilet paper doesn’t justify doing it perfectly.

You need this handheld bidet set to wash yourself properly after using the washroom. It gently sprays water to get rid of any dirt or filth from your body and make you feel thoroughly clean.

It is convenient to use; simply press the lever button on it and the water will come out. No twisting and rotating are needed.

What you’ll get:

  • Water-saving: The bidet set is stainless steel made and is free of any leakages. This and its gentle water spray outlet, together prevent water wastage. Limited water is sprayed perfectly from this bidet hence ensuring that excess water is not wasted.
  • Multi-use: Not just for your personal hygiene, but this handheld bidet set is perfect for washing your pets, clothes, shoes, and the whole bathroom as well. The spray nozzle showers water finely to let you get rid of dirt from anywhere.
  • Easy installation: Attach the bidet pipe with the water outlet hose and hang the bidet holder with the water storage tank of the flush. No drilling or nails are needed to install it.
  • Premium quality material: The stainless steel material is resistant to corrosion, thus making it ideal to use with water. It is smooth to touch and grip, making it easier to use.