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Handmade Custom Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives Set with Camel Bone

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About this item
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  • Handle Material: Camel Bone
  • Blade Material: Damascus Steel
  • Sheath: Pure Leather
  • Weight: 2Kg Approx
  • Overall pcs 5
  • Lenght 9 to 13
  • SKU : KX-243
Item description from the seller
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Looking for reliability, sharpness, durability, and quality in knives?

Look no further and get these handmade Damascus steel knives.

Unlike dull knives, these blades are razor-sharp to the edge. These not only cut cleanly but also prevent uneven slippage. Whether you're cutting an ornange or a beefsteak and meat, these knives will slice through anything like butter.

With 5 different sized knives, both professional and home use is sorted out.


  • This is a catalog picture. Due to the blades' unique nature, you will receive a similar knife shown in the picture, but the handle wood pattern may vary slightly.
  • Moisture encourages rust, so store in a dry place. After use, wash & dry the blade and apply any lubricating oil.
  • The knives are sharpened; you can further sharpen them according to your requirement.
  • Take care when removing the product from the packaging. Keep fingers clear of blades. Store away from children.

Disclaimer: If you are purchasing this item, you are hereby knowingly certifying that you are of the age of 18 and older to make the purchase of the item. By purchasing this item, you are acknowledging that you are hereby fully responsible for the ways in which you use this knife. We are in no way responsible for any misuse or acts with this that may cause injury, harm, or death. Proper usage and precautions are strongly advised when handling and using any knives.

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