Handmade Hanging Wall Baskets Set 2 Kitchen Decor Home Storage RV Decor Space Saving Fruit Storage Wall decor Gift mom

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  • Handmade ! Ready to ship !
  • This is a super set for interiors in the style of boho, rustic.
  •  A great idea for saving kitchen space.
  • These baskets can be used in one composition. And hang them separately. To do this, I made one common loop and two separate loops for each basket. This is very convenient !
  • You can swap them depending on where they will be used.
  • Baskets made of durable polyester cord will last for many years ! 
  • Hang them in your kitchen for storing fruits and vegetables, for towels and napkins, for spices, tea and cookies.

    Hang them in the bathroom to store cosmetics, towels, toilet paper and combs.

    Hang them in the hallway to store gloves, keys and wallets, glasses.

    Hang them in the nursery to store toys.

    This lovely basket set can be the perfect gift for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Birthday.

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