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handmade khopesh sword in high carbon steel

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  • 1095 high carbon steel
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The khopesh is straight until the last half of its length and sweeps out into a curved blade. Unlike a sickle with a sharpened inside curve, the khopesh has its cutting edge on the convex side. The unique shape of the curved blade made it efficient for slashing, hooking an enemy’s shield, and tangling an opposing weapon.

Size and Length

Usually forged in one piece of metal, the khopesh generally had an overall length of about 50 or 60 centimeters. Some modern replicas are more than 60 centimeters long, with a blade length of around 45 centimeters.  

Handle and Sheath

Bronze isn’t the most durable metal, so early Egyptian sickle swords were cast in one solid piece including the handle and the blade. Instead of a wooden scabbard, modern replicas often come in a leather sheath with belt loops and buttoned straps.

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Listed on 11 August, 2023