Heat Resistant Silicone Iron Mat

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  • Material: Silicone
  • Iron resting pad
  • Can be hanged for efficient storage
  • Perfect for clumsy people
  • Have a scorch-free ironing board
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A quick cloth ironing experience can turn from ease to displease in a second.

How? Because when it's on, you avoid placing it down.

Why? Well, it may scorch your table, carpet, or wherever you are doing it.

But, do you know what can happen if you leave it standing while unfolding your shirt?

Nay Nay! Don't say that you've never experienced the iron falling while it was on!

There might be enough incidents when it left your new shirt with a not-so-cute burn print or gave your hand a walk to remember to your safety cabinet. :p

Woohoo, Not anymore!

This heat resistant silicone iron mat will be the best rest pad to skip all those clothing scorch marks and iron scalds on your hand.

What you'll get:

  • Surface protection: It will keep your ironing board safe from scorching, burning, or ruining. The hot iron will be facing downwards, so you don't get any new clothing iron burn.

  • A rest pad for mini curling iron: This silicone heat-resistant mat can also be used to keep your curling iron while you're getting ready.

  • Anti-slip pad: It is made of silicone, which has small bumps on the top so that your hot iron won't fall off of it.

  • Easy storage: The silicone iron rest pad has a hole on the side. You can hang it on the wall to let it cool. Always let it cool off before washing or cleaning.

Note: Don't leave the hot iron unattended for too long on the silicone iron mat.